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oh yes..

Finally! After ten auditions, three callbacks, and one booking I am exhausted, elated, and delirious all at the same time lol. I love it! This is the life we've chosen and wouldn't have it any other way. Except for a sexier checking account, but there's always hope lol. 

So, what do actors do on the weekend anyway? Read tons of scripts? Live in the gym? Go to tons of shows? Probably a mixture of all of these things, yet separation and doing something totally not 'actorie' is really important. New ideas pop up, meeting new people NOT IN THE INDUSTRY is always a breath of fresh air, and gaining some insight about the world we live in is actually pretty cool. 

Check out what a relaxing and fun weekend did for Ken (he's so funny)..

So, go hang this weekend and smell the roses! You earned it - Peace out!

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