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Learn to Love Your Auditions!

Or at least really really like them...

You get the call. She's screaming on the other end of your iPhone, 'you got an audition! 9am its a go!', and hangs up. OMG. Your heart is racing. Time seems to be moving at a slightly different rhythmic pace that you can't put your finger on. No script. Strictly improv sprinkled with a few structured points to follow some sort of an arc. What will you wear? Designs, logos, and chic patterns are out of the question (deep colors bleed into the camera). Need at least 8 hours of sleep - there's an app for that. Ok, here we go...

Focus. The room is packed with actors vying for their shot, but you're here to slay the competition. The eye contact can be a bit intimidating - yet staring never hurt anybody. They call your name. All you hear is, 'Headshot and Resume please', says the oh-so calm casting director's assistant. You walk in with a smile as bright as Saturday morning and introduce yourself. 

Now, from here on in it can be somewhat of a blur, yet try your best to stay in the moment and keep your senses about you. Leave the same way you came in - warm eye contact and a super confident hand shake. Might see some actors you know on the way out - just give them a wink and a 'I got this smile' along with the baddest runway walk ever. So, here's the last piece to the puzzle - NOTES. There's times after an audition that you just can't get a read on what the CD was thinking, yet writing down any observations, gestures, line fumbles, and nervous ticks that occurred at the time will provide you a running trail of what you can improve within your audition process.

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