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I Need a Damn Job!

Or just win the powerball..

An actor's life can get 'complex' if you will. First, it's admitting to yourself that you've been bitten by the creative bug, then having the 'discussion' with your parents about what you actually do, then consistently auditioning, callbacks, more auditioning, making sure you're always looking great, eating lots of ramen noodles, and then just making rent - phew!

Scenario - you book a national tour of your favorite Broadway show and you're super excited! You beat hundreds, if not thousands, of hopefuls which is an amazing testament to your talent. The show begins and you play to packed houses all over the US and have never felt a euphoria like this before. Your Broadway experience sadly comes to an end and reality sets in....OMG - I HAVE TO GO BACK HOME!

Caution - a little craziness may occur...

Yes. The bills still have to be paid. Yes. The rent is due. If you live in NYC, or any big city for that matter, you clearly understand 'burnrate' - this term is used frequently in the start-up world which translates to, 'we have 3 months before we get kicked out of our swanky office'. Well, the reality is while in between gigs you need a job. Some form of steady income while waiting to book that national or get back on Broadway. Who the hell has time to look for a job? You're an actor!

That's where we come in. We save you time. We save you energy. Giving you more time to be an actor. Signup now to receive our Curated List of Remote and Part-Time Jobs providing employment opportunities starting at $20+ an hour with flexible schedules. Sitting around waiting for an employer to contact you isn't an option - BE PROACTIVE!

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