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Bright Lights. The Big City.

and everything in between...

What a fascinating city (New York). Not a dull moment or wasted breath. I've been an actor for 10+ years and truly have come to love the unpredictable nature of the environment. Creativity seems to burst in spurts and flurries which can cause sleepless nights, invigorating periods of insight, and weird looks from family members hoping not to experience another one of your 'mental binges' on a random Monday.

Even before creating this site and concept I went through a 'mood' per say of complete idea euphoria that others probably deduced to 'having a really really good day'...I think I resembled this guy downstairs lol

If you want to get in 'the zone' and feel my creative tsunami of thought, join our castings list. Be warned - our gifs are the bomb!

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